“BIDONES BALLESTER is committed to the Environment, using water based paint to reduce the emission of VOCs, producing environmentally friendly packaging.”

Bidones Ballester


BIDONES BALLESTER S.L., born in the 60s , adopting its current name in 1981.

Since its inception, BIDONES BALLESTER S.L., aware of the significance of the pack in the development of Industrial, Food and Waste sector trade , has been specializing in the manufacture of metal drums. These are approved and standardized packaging for containing and transporting solid, liquid and highly viscous products and products classified as Dangerous Goods.

The evolution of the company over time has led us to win a prestigious place in the domestic market with our products. This achievement has been possible because we have the human and technical means for the mass production of metal packaging, producing a product according to the demands of the market.

We are distinguished by our flexibility and great adaptation to the needs of our customers. The training of our technicians and engineers allow us, in addition to listed products, develop new designs that meet requirements or preferences.

The aim of BIDONES BALLESTER S.L., is to provide quality packaging tailored to all needs.

Bidones Ballester
Bidones Ballester
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